Truth Inc RMT offers bands something unique in the industry - a label that can provide for management, booking, licensing, publicity and promotion from one service rather than several. Furthermore, as the label is run by experienced musicians, we understand the limitations or aspirations that a band will have. As such we offer a service that can work to provide for the best realistic outcomes for bands that each have their own unique circumstance or ambition.


Truth Inc RMT aims to confront the challenges of the changes faced by the music industry. It offers a service that will provide the bands it represents with what is required to face these challenges, and develop its career and market with an experienced network of support behind them.





Truth Inc RMT offer bands full management that covers all aspects of developing a bands career, such as


  • career development and planning
  • touring
  • visa applications and work permits
  • support and event submissions
  • sourcing funding for recordings and tours from Government and non-Government bodies
  • tour management and co-ordination
  • third party negotiation
  • recording and production
  • conditions and fee negotiation for performance and touring
  • logistics
  • royalty payment
  • association registration
  • legal advice
  • publishing





Truth Inc RMT will provide domestic and international touring for bands. The label has established a network of promoters in Australia, Asia, America and Europe to offer an extensive opportunity for bands to tour internationally and develop the bands profile and market.





Please attention all Truth Inc RMT enquiries to -


Greg Shaw, Label Manager

Email -



Submissions must include a 3-4 song demonstration recording, band biography and band photo. The standard of a promotional package demonstrate the quality of the band and the bands music - the better the presentation the better the band. Please do not ask the label to follow up your website or Facebook page. Online submissions through file download can be accepted after consultation. Truth Inc Records receive a high number of submissions – we will contact you if the label is interested in your product – please do not email the label to enquire about a submission.


Submissions can be sent to :



 Unit 4/25 Hampton St


 South Australia




Email -